New approach and specialised services for niche industries

The world is constantly changing. We have always been keeping up with trends and adapted our services to the new reality.


Companies which build a sustainable future are our priority

We are determined to build a better future for humanity. Therefore one of our priorities is to be engaged in projects with a strong sustainability mission.

We have been communicating on behalf of local and International associations and NGOs which are making a difference in people’s lives: from waste management, to raising awareness about climate change, deforestation or wild animals protection.


We engage in projects for helping communities and people at risk

We are successfully developing CSR projects for companies which are willing to be involved in helping communities and people at risk.

From found raising campaigns, charity galas, environmental solutions, economic and human rights responsibility.

There is no stronger satisfaction than seeing our campaigns make a positive difference in the world.



From restaurant openings to exquisite culinary experiences

We have intensely worked for F&B industry promoting tens of restaurants, clubs and bars. From official openings, to anniversary events, Pop-Up dinners or placing Chefs into the spotlight, we’ve done it all.

We’ve organized events packed with Mass Media representatives, celebrities and influencers, and created memorable experiences which elevated the brands in terms of awareness and trust.


We promote airlines, luxury hotels and travel destinations

We love and support travel industry. Our portfolio includes tourism departments, airlines, luxury hotels, cruise lines, travel agencies and special campaigns involving destinations like Maldives, Thailand, Indonesia, United States of America, Tanzania, Oman, Mexic, Japan, Sri Lanka or several European countries.

YOLO Media has implemented and communicated high-impact travel projects involving celebrities and Tier 1 influencers, broadcasting their experience on TV, in Mass Media and social media and reaching millions or viewers.


From latest gadgets to metaverse and neuroscience

We love tech and stay up-to-date with all the new releases. Especially that some of our clients come from this fascinating industry.

We have promoted mobile communication companies, consumer electronics, MedTech and Neuro Performance Enhancement technology which completely changes the medical approach to neurodevelopment disorders (TSA, ADHD, Down Syndrome), and also enhances brain’s activity to deal with depression, anxiety and insomnia.


Build positive public image and trust for key professionals

From dentists, dermatologists to plastic surgeons, from architects and interior designers to make-up artists and hairstylists, we have put specialists into the spotlight and helped build strong visibility and credibility.

We helped key professionals to become trustworthy specialists in the eyes of their targeted audience and thus elevate their business and their long-term notoriety.

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